Who is Dimens

Dimens digital is a division of Dimens Trading, a level 1 B-BBEE contributor with more than 50% of management being women. We take our business and products as serious as the air we breathe, that?s the reason why we invest in more and diverse thinking we can possibly employ.

We provide a wide range of quick, reliable and affordable business solutions. We specialise in web hosting, web design / development, business development and company branding.

We are famous of creating the most personalised hosting packages in South Africa and have come to be the trend setter in the industry with excellent, and cost effective web hosting solutions at any given time during our existent. For us there is no greater pleasure than making your business IT solution functional.

We understand business and understand the internet and always optimised the relationship between the two. If it's internet solutions you need, speak to us and let us design the most appropriate solution for your business.

How we look at Hosting

To us hosting is not just renting space on our servers it's being a part of our family, we don't just have client but family members who are unique in more ways than one from each other, and this is what defines Mzansi.

Value for money

We offer the most practical, cost effective web and data hosting packages, All our packages have been design for Mzansi business needs, we've conducted researches to ensure that we provide you with exactly what you need.

Unlimited Services

Our packages starts at R15.00 and offers up to 15GB of storage, based on this we find no reason to limit you on anything. With dimens every package has unlimited emails, bandwidth, SQL database etc., everything is limited to the space you have

Customised packages and services are available on request and our team is experienced enough to help you get the best tailor made package for your business

Things we do for love

Dimens takes human empowerment seriously, we believe in the distribution of useful information to willing mind who will in turn implement it to create sustainable growth. Therefore the biggest socio-economic development campaign we can engage in is a psychological development and business support structures for our communities, for as a man thinks so he is.

For this reason we part ourselves with like-minded organisation to enhance the development of our nation through education, training and support structure for both social and business development and truly eliminate poverty in our communities.

The following are Dimens powered organisations who in their own way develop Mzansi

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all South Africans with a reliable, effective platform to access all necessary tools to start, run and grow their dreams.

Our Mission

To empower communities through education and skill deveolpment, to encourage clean competition and hard work that ultimately creates sustainable growth.

Our Values